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My Grandma Trent - Landscape Painter

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

Grandma Louise Trent painted for many years. The loving wife of Homer Trent and later in life the loving wife of Loren "Pappy" Taylor. Grandma was not a southerner by birth, but living on Tybee Island, Georgia for many years, she got used to the southern life and especially island life.

I don't know what got her into painting, but I have a stack of photos of her paintings and the back of each photo notes when it was painted and who it was sold to. The stack goes back to the 1970's. She passed away in 2001. Grandma painted landscapes mostly and a few still life pieces. Dunes and ocean scenes seem to be the most common subject. We often paint our surroundings and she had beautiful surroundings on Tybee and in Savannah. She created a painting of the front of Sol C Johnson High School back in the 1980's that hung on the wall there at the school for years. My understanding is that it is still hanging on the wall at the new campus.

Her paintings always inspired me to paint. I remember going to her house and seeing her studio and thinking I want a studio some day. The dream was to have my own studio in City Market in downtown Savannah, GA. That hasn't happened yet, but I can still dream, thanks to my Grandma Trent. Here is one of her paintings and it is probably my favorite. Thanks, Grandma Trent for being an inspiration.

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